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Our team of tax accountants in Calgary is equipped to handle everything from straightforward personal tax returns to more complex filings. We collaborate closely with you to minimize taxes due or maximize your refund. Every year, we stay informed about the latest changes in tax laws set by the Canada Revenue Agency, ensuring your returns comply with the most current regulations.

Our personal tax accountants will thoroughly review your information, clarify any uncertainties, and help optimize your return. You can trust us to manage your tax matters with the utmost care and attention.

Falling behind on tax filings or missing some documents? No worries. Each year, we assist numerous clients in catching up, sometimes handling 5 to 10 years of back taxes. Our straightforward process involves an authorization form that lets us retrieve any income slips filed under your name (T3, T4, T5, T5018, etc.) with the CRA. We simplify the process of gathering necessary documents, allowing you to catch up more quickly. Contact us today to get started!


Tax Accountant Calgary

Our Process

We streamline the personal tax return process to save you time. Instead of scheduling appointments, we use a comprehensive intake form that simplifies the preparation of your return, so you don’t need to wait in our office.

If your tax situation is complex—such as owning a business, having investments, or other unique circumstances—we’ll determine if an in-person meeting is necessary.

You can provide your tax information during regular business hours or securely through our client portal. (Please contact our office to set up your account via call or email.)

Keeping us informed of any personal changes, like a new child, marital status, job, or side business, is crucial for an accurate return. Please include a note about any such changes in your file for our review during the tax preparation process.

Our usual turnaround for tax returns is 3-4 days, though this can vary with the volume of submissions we receive.

If you need your return by a specific date, inform us when you submit your documents. While we aim to meet your deadline, please be aware that rush fees may apply.

Once your tax return is ready, we’ll call you. You can choose to pick it up from our office or receive a PDF copy via our secure client portal after settling the final invoice. Please note that we do not send tax returns via email.

Payment is due upon completion, and before we release the details of your return. We will inform you of any balance due or refund, along with the available payment options.


Tax Accountant Calgary


We electronically file all personal tax returns unless they are more than 5 years overdue or in situations where the CRA mandates a paper filing. These exceptions are based on requirements set by the CRA and are outside our control.

Before we can file your return, you must sign the T183 form (Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual’s Income Tax and Benefit Return). We advise against signing a tax return that you're not fully satisfied with or if you have unresolved questions. It is typically more challenging and expensive to amend a tax return after it has been filed compared to one that hasn't been filed yet. After settling our invoice, we release your tax return for your review, which you can do at our office or at your leisure at home.

We welcome any questions you may have and are prepared to review any details you believe may have been overlooked. For straightforward inquiries, responses are usually immediate, though more complex questions might require a scheduled discussion with one of our accountants.

While we cannot alter the outcome of your tax filing, ensuring your complete satisfaction and understanding of the tax return result is our priority.

Please visit our Forms page to download our Personal Tax Checklist to ensure you provide all necessary information for the optimal preparation of your return. Our Personal Intake Form and T1013 (CRA Authorization form) are also available for download. These forms must be completed before we prepare your return to ensure all information used is accurate and complete.

For those with more than basic tax situations, or if you have specific questions about deductions, we offer additional checklists:

  • Moving Expense Checklist
  • Rental Property Checklist
  • Small or Home-Based Business Checklist

If you are self-employed or a contract worker with a T2200 from your employer, use our Business & Employment Expense summary to submit your expense details for tax preparation.